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I can help you or your business with accounting, tax preparation and planning, or business and personal financial advising!

Look at the following list of present and former clients.

You’ll see that I’m here to help you if you are a:

Existing clients except where indicated:

(*) former client: owner is still my client
(#) former client: failed business venture
(@) former client: merged with or sold to another company

Startup Company

  • Role-playing game developer

  • Web  dating service (*)(#)

  • Monitoring solutions for manufacturers (*)(#)

Software Company

  • iPhone applications developer

  • Structural engineering software designer

Consultants and Professionals

  • Architect (retired)

  • Engineer

  • Project management company

  • Consultant (overseas)
  • Consultant (security )

Other Small Business

  • Advertising publisher (print and web)

  • Manufacturer’s representative (specialty equipment) (retired)

  • U. S. subsidiary of foreign company (scientific instrumentation) (now closed)

  • Real estate holding company

  • Greenhouse tomato grower

  • Fresh juice manufacturer@

  • Homeowner association

  • Oil royalty owner
  • Custom manufacturing company


  • CPA (yes, they need tax help, too!)

  • Editor (retired)

  • Chaplain

  • Movie Critic

  • Rental property owner

  • Farm rental owner

  • Supply chain manager

  • Nurse
  • Artist (not starving)
  • Author

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