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Certified Public Accountant, PC
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Client List


I can help you or your business with accounting, tax preparation and planning, or business and personal financial advising!

Look at the following list of present and former clients.

You'll see that I'm here to help you if you are a:

Existing clients except where indicated:

(*) former client: owner is still my client
(#) former client: failed business venture
(@) former client: merged with or sold to another company

Startup Company 
Information technology auditor Movie production company *
Medical device inventor and manufacturer @
Specialty clothing web retailer *# Financial training company Another movie production company
Networking web site developer

Research and Development Company
Specialty electronic hardware and software designer and manufacturer *@

Software Company 
Java software designer *@ Specialty software developer *#
Specialty software engineer
Structural engineering software designer
iPhone applications developer
Another iPhone applications developer

Consultants and Professionals 
Architect (retired)
Consultant (Internet technology)
Consultant (Medical technology)
Consultant (overseas)
Investment banker Petroleum geologist (overseas) (retired) Real estate broker
Project management company

Other Small Business 
Advertising publisher (print and web)
Concrete flatwork contractor #
Fresh juice manufacturer*@
Home builder * #
Home remodeler *
Homeowner association
Manufacturer's representative (specialty equipment)

Real estate holding company
Retail store (cookware)

U. S. subsidiary of foreign company (scientific instrumentation)

Add your business to this list!

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CPA (yes, they need tax help, too!)
Artist (not starving)
Author (successful)
Engineer Hospital administrator Investor
Movie Critic Musician Professor
Rental property owner
Retired person
Real estate broker
Social worker
Venture capital finder
Web designer

Add your occupation to this list!

--  Contact me about becoming a client:

My clients are located mostly in Colorado (Boulder/Denver metro area), but I have clients in several other states and overseas as well.

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The following clients have been gracious enough to allow me to publish testimonials:


When I was contemplating purchasing a business, Tom Healy was recommended to me. Tom helped me to determine the best course of action in purchasing the business, and how to establish the companies from a corporate structure and tax standpoint.

Tom now serves as my accountant and business advisor and I have to say that his work has been nothing short of fantastic. He is always looking out for my best interests and stays very well abreast of tax law changes to best serve me. I would highly recommend Tom to your company!

Barry Winchell, President

Evergreen Nursery and Design Group (3 million plus in annual sales)

(Note by Tom: company went out of business in 2005).


Thomas Healy has been working with me to change our bookkeeping system from QuickBooks to MYOB. Mr. Healy has done an impressive job helping me to recreate our chart of accounts that will give me the financial information I need to better manage the business. He has been quick to respond to my questions. I was worried about the training process, but Mr. Healy has been a very apt teacher. I would recommend him highly.

Rebekah Fittpeaster Martin, President

The Colorado Vacation Directory


I have been a client of Tom Healy's for 20 or 21 years. Tom has provided professional tax services for our personal taxes including tax matters related to income that we receive in the form of farm income. When I started my own company 16 years ago, Tom was very instrumental in helping me keep the finances in order as well as providing assistance in the process of forming an S corporation for my company. I would, quite literally, have a very difficult time operating without Tom's help. The services that he provides for us range from tax preparation to quarterly tax filings. Tom has been reliable and honest in his dealings with me. In reality, I probably depend on Tom more than I should, however, I feel that we both do what we do best; I sell and he does everything related to the numbers!

Tom Moylan, President

Rocky Mountain Industrial Sales Co., Inc.

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