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Web-based file transfers

I'd been looking for a secure way for you to send me files (especially large ones that don't travel well by e-mail), and for me to return files to you. For a while, I've set up users on my main computer, and sent you the link to be able to download files; but that system didn't work the other way around. I didn't want to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) systems for a couple of reasons: (a) you would have to obtain an FTP program and learn how to use it on your computer; and (b) keeping my computer (and your data) secure.

I've finally found the answer through a program called "Rumpus®." One of the limitations of the program is that I can't completely replicate the style of my other web pages, but I've put enough on so you can recognize that it's my site (see screen shot at the right, which you can also click to access the site).
WFM log-in picture

Click on the picture to access the Web File Manager
I'm using an iMac computer to act as the server. You access it just as you would any web page (see below). In order to access files on my server, you will need a user name and a password. For individuals and families, the user name will usually be the last name (or the first last name on your tax return if taxpayer and spouse have different last names). For businesses, it will be the first word in the name of the business (well, excluding common words, like "The"). The password is an 8-character random "word" that I create for you and include in the Approval Form you complete when you agree to my services. The only folder you can see is your own folder. You can, however, create or have sub folders and clicking on them opens up the directory of that folder. If you have trouble accessing your site, it may be that I haven't set it up yet, or the server is down. Send me an email and I'll do it. Click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link under the log in button, enter your email address, and you'll get a a reminder of your password; I'll also get a copy, so I know you're trying to access your site.

To download a file, click on the down arrow icon to the right of the file, and follow the instructions. If you need to send a file to me, select "Upload Files."Select how many files you will send me, browse on your computer to each file, and then click "Begin Upload." Depending on the speed of your connection, and the size of the file(s), this can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Some browsers will permit you to "drag and drop" the files. If you want to test things, log in using "test" as the username and "test" as the password.

Anyone can send me a file, using the "Anonymous Login" button. The difference is that you cannot see the result of sending me the file (Anonymous does not have permission to see any folders on the server).

Ready? Click here or on the picture above.


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