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Tax Notebook

Why Use the Tax Notebook? Click Here.

The Tax Notebook provides a way for you to collect and send me the information I need to complete the preparation of your tax returns.

Existing clients: If you returned the engagement letter approval page having marked the "Web" organizer, you will receive your access information in due course. But if you change your mind and want to try the Tax Notebook instead of a paper organizer, send me an email to request a log-on ID and password to access your personal Tax Notebook. Then come back here to be connected directly with the Tax Notebook.

New clients: You can click on the Tax Notebook picture directly. On the right side of the screen, click on "New Tax Client." You'll be prompted to create a User ID and a password. You can use whatever User ID you want, or follow the convention I use:
  • The first 4 letters of the first last name on the return;
  • Then a "1" for a single individual or a "2" for a married couple;
  • Then the first letter of each first name on the return (use a "0" instead of the second letter for a single individual).
Thus: John and Mary Smith would be "SMIT2JM" and John Smith would be "SMIT1J0".

Tax Notebook picture

Click on the picture to access the Tax Notebook

I recommend that you visit the Tax Notebook Tutorial in order to become acquainted with the procedure for completing it. Click on the picture on the right to get started.
Tax Notebook Tutorial


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